Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Apartment Fire

When a fire broke out in this South Florida apartment, the heat cracked this window. While usually soot on the windows can be cleaned after a fire, broken panes need to be replaced. 

Smoke Odor Removal

In this picture, you can see our professional equipment at work after this South Florida home suffered a small dryer fire. These machines filter and "scrub" the air to help remove any odors associated with fire damage in the home. 

Ozone Generator

Ozone generators are a highly effective tool for deodorizing rooms and upholstery after a fire. This small machine sucks in oxygen from the air and bombards it with electricity to create the harmless odor-neutralizing ozone. For more information on ozone generators, check out our blog post on the topic! 

Surface Cleaners

This is one of many pet-safe industrial strength cleaning agents used by our SERVPRO teams to clean up light smoke and soot damage from walls, ceilings and other surfaces after a fire. 

Air Scrubber for Deodorization

In the case of fire and smoke restoration, an air scrubber is used to clean the air not just of smoke and other odors, but of harmful soot and other breathable contaminates in the air. The air scrubber sucks in the contaminated air and pushes it through an activated carbon HEPA filter to "scrub" the air clean of any particles that may be dangerous or unpleasant. 

Thermal Fogger

In fire restoration, smoke odors can be the toughest thing to get rid of. Thermal foggers are one of the devices used in the removal of smoke smell and other associated odors. The active deodorizing ingredient is super-heated in this hand-held machine and pushed out as a thick fog to absorb and neutralize all odors in the affected area.